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About The Mininstry

Chaplain Cohen serves as the official Chaplain in several Veterans Service Organizations, however his ministry transcends beyond those organizations to all Veterans who may not yet be affiliated with a VSO or church.

When Veterans were on active duty, there was a Chaplain to whom they could reach out, but now since they've transitioned to the civilian world (however long ago that was), they may not yet be connected to a spiritual resource.

​While a Veteran is in a VA facility, there is a Chaplain to whom they could reach out, but now since they've been discharged, they may not be connected to a spiritual support resource.


There are Veterans in Delaware County who are in nursing homes, hospice facilities, rehabilitation, and incarcerated. Chaplain Cohen has a weekly outreach in those facilities to serve our Veterans regardless of their current situation to connect them with resources and most importantly THE Source (God).

* Chaplain Cohen provides Pastoral Care, resources, support, or referral to other resources.

Each Veteran is unique, so are their needs.
Ranging from healthcare, disability benefits, clothing, food insecurity, housing insecurity, or vocation;
Chaplain Cohen assits Veterans is securing the resources to meet those needs either directly or via his network of service providers throughout Delaware County.


Chaplain Cohen also serves the public in a ceremonial functions when called upon by community officials.

He conducts Public Officiant services which are: ceremonies, memorials, patriotic events, dedications, and commemorations at which Clergy participation is requested.

He conducts Personal Officiant services which are: As legally ordained clergy authorized to perform weddings, funerals, burials, and baptisms.

* Chaplain Cohen is a Certified Career Counselor who provides vocational counseling

When Veterans are in need of assistance during a job search services offered are personality and skills assessments, resume preparation, and interview preparation.


Chaplain Cohen makes all these services free of charge.

This is only possible by the generosity of his supporters who have a heart to bless our Veterans.

Chaplain Cohen is designated as a "Home Missionary" as a Chaplain to Veterans.

We encourage you to become a Partner and "adopt" Chaplain Cohen as YOUR missionary to Veterans.

"Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account." (Phil. 4:17)

Our ministry success becomes yours when you've partnered with us financially.


Please visit our Donation Page to become a Partner:


An Overview of Chaplain's Contributions


District Chaplain  (Delaware County)  Veterans of Foreign Wars  District 7


Chaplain  (Delaware County)  Disabled American Veterans  Chapter 118


Chaplain  (Delaware County)  AMVETS  Post 113


Chaplain  Delaware County Veterans Memorial


Chaplain  Delaware County Veterans Network


Contributing Columnist   (For Veterans Affairs)  Delaware County Magazine


Veterans Advocate  (Delaware County District Attorney)  Reentry Coalition & Veterans Treatment Court

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